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Share Photos

BlazePhoto provides three sharing modes: Print, Export to Folder and Send Email. Drop down click "Share" button or click the relative share button at the right bottom of the main interface to select your desired share items.

Export to Folder

Batch change the info of all the images collected in Picture Tray, such as file size, format, and name, the interface is shown as below:

  • Destination:
    1. Place modified image in source folder: Save all the image collections in Picture Tray into their original folder.

    2. Place modified image in following folder:Export all the image collections in Picture Tray into specified folder.

  • Image Size and Format:
    1. Maximum Photo Size: the changed image size is limited within your specified size.
    2. Convert Image to: Change image format.
  • File Options
    1. Remove original files: delete the original image files from hard disk folder after conversion finishes.

    2. Rename modified files: rename the modified image files as "character in edit box" + number.

After finish above settings, click "OK", you will begin to batch convert files.

Send Email

Send all the image collections in Picture Tray as mail, interface is as below:

  • Client:to specify mail client, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Hotmail etc.

  • E-Mail Size:to specify the maximum size of the mail.

  • Image Size and Compression: to select the maximum image size and the quality of JPEG file after conversion.

After finishing above settings, click "OK", the selected email program will launch to send email.


Print all the image collections in Picture Tray, the operation interface is as below:

  • Layout:There are two modes available: Individual Prints and Picture Package, which are described as below:

    1. Individual Prints: print selected pictures one by one, multiple different images on one page is possible.

    2. Picture Package: same one picture per page, the copies depends on the image size and picture package format.

  • Individual Print Format: multiple prints size available: 2.1"×2.8", 3.5"×5", 4"×6", 5"×7", Full Paper, Actual Size.

  • Print Single Photo Per Page: print one image per page, maybe there is some blank space on paper.

  • Crop to Match Paper: the aspect ratio of the image may differ with the printed one, crop some part to fit paper size.

  • Picture Package Format: if select "Picture Package" layout, decides how many copies of the same image printed on each page.

  • Select Printer: if multiple printers installed, please select a target printer.

  • Page Range: Print All: Print all previewed image; Print Range: select to print specified images.

  • Page Setup: Set options of print paper, such as size and specification, etc.

After finishing above setting, click "Print", you will begin to print your image collections.

Upload to Flickr or Facebook:

You can easily upload your pictures to Flickr or Facebook for online sharing by selecting the Upload to button :
upload to button


Upload to Flickr

Step 1. Open Upload to network box.

Select the pictures you want to upload and click "Upload to Flickr" in the drop down list of "Upload To", you will open the "Upload to network" box:

upload pictures to flickr

Step 2. Upload your pictures to Flickr.

Enter your valid Flickr account correctly and click on the "Upload" button. You will get started on the picture uploading by BlazePhoto immediately.

Upload to Facebook

Step 1. Open Upload to Facebook.

Select the pictures you want to upload and click "Upload to Facebook" in the drop down list of "Upload To", you will open the "Upload to Facebook" box:

upload pictures to flickr

Step 2. Customize your photo album.

Give a name and description on your photo album in the "Create New Album" and "Add a description" box. Then click on the "Upload" button to open Facebook home page to login and upload the created album.


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