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1. General

  • Language: Select the interface language, you should relaunch the program after setting to make the change take effects.
  • Default Start Folder: Set the default folder to open after launching program.
  • Capture Picture Save Folder: Select a folder to save the image captured from digital devices.
  • Backup Files on Save: after editing images, backup the original files as "file name.BAK" before saving edited file.

2. Media Library

  • Location: specify the location of the media library.
  • Compact Now: there is maybe some useless info for media library, click "Compact Now" to delete useless info to reduce media library size.

3. Slideshow

  • Background Music: add background music for slideshow preview, can be mp3 or wma file.
  • Effect Time: the effect time between two images.
  • Interval Time: the interval time between two images.

4. Advanced

  • Show tags icon: show tags icon while previewing pictures.
  • File Associations: Set BlazePhoto as default application to view pictures, click it to pop up below menu:

    • Select All-Select all file formats in the list to be default opened by BlazePhoto
    • Select None-Cancel all file associations with BlazePhoto
    • Default-Click to select the file type default associated with BlazePhoto
    • OK-Submit the file associations setting, the selected file format will be directly opened by BlazePhoto
    • Cancel-Exit and keep original setting


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