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Preview Photos

Select a picture folder either from disc, from history record, or from catolog, if there are photos under this folder, the images will display with thumbnails or single picture mode on the right preview area.

Select Photo Source:

Below three modes are available:
  1. Get Photo from Disc: select a picture folder in folder tree, the right window will display all the supported photos under this folder as thumbnails or single picture.
  2. Get Photo from History Record: BlazePhoto can auto add the viewed picture folder into history record. Select a folder in history record, the right window will display all the supported photos under this folder as thumbnails or single picture.
  3. Get Photo from Catalog: View photos by sort. (For the detailed sort ways, please refer to Organizing Photos). Tick-on a desired sort, all the photos of this sort will display as thumbnails or single picture.

Preview Modes:

There are below preview modes available:

  1. Single Picture: display a current selected image
  2. Big Thumbnails: display big thumbnails of all the images
  3. Small Thumbnails: display small thumbnails of all the images
  4. Preview_Thumbnail: upper area displays the selected image with large size, below area display thumbnails of all the other images.
  5. Full Screen Display: full screen display image.
  6. Slideshow: Slideshow preview all the images, you can also set background music, effect time and interval time in Options Setting.
Shortcut to switch preview modes:

Double click thumbnails to switch to Single Picture mode;
Double click single picture to switch to thumbnail mode.

    Sort By:

    1. Sort by Name: sort pictures by file name.
    2. Sort by Time: sort pictures by time of creating file.
    3. Sort by Size: sort pictures by file size.
    4. Sort by Type: sort pictures by file type, for same type files, sort by file name.

    Right Click Menu:

    There are three menus available:

    1. Right click a thumbnail to pop up below menu:
      View the selected image
      Edit the selected image
      Add the selected image into System Tray
      Copy the selected image
      Cut the selected image
      Delete the selected image from hard disk
      Add tag into selected image
      Remove tag icon from selected image
      Print the selected image
      Set the selected image as desktop wallpaper
      Locate the selected image on hard disk
      Show properties of the selected image

    2. Move mouse to blank space between thumbnails, right click to popup below menu:
      Select all the thumbnail photos
      Hide tag icon on the photos

    3. In Single Picture displaying status, right click the image to popup below menu:
      counter clockwise rotate photo
      clockwise rotate photo
      Zoom in or zoom out to make photo fit in window
      Display photo with actual size


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