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How to convert video to portable devices by BlazeVideo Video Converter for Mac


BlazeVideo Video Converter for Mac offers an ultimate video conversion solution in Mac OS. With BlazeVideo Video Converter for Mac, you can easily convert all common video formats into the proper formats that are playable on most popular portable devices like Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry ,Sony family, Android cell phones.

Upgrade to BlazeVideo Video Converter for Mac Pro version, you will enjoy more amazing features. BlazeVideo Video Converter for Mac supports to convert DVD into various video formats, as well as cut out loved video or DVD clips for better viewing on iPad/iPhone/iPod/BlackBerry or more.

Here we take video conversion as an example:

Step 1. Add Videos.

Choose any of the followings to add video(s) that you want to convert to BlazeVideo Video Converter for Mac:

a. Directly drag your video files into the main interface of BlazeVideo Video Converter for Mac

b. Click the "add" button add video to video converter for mac to load your video files

c. Go to "File" in above menu bar and select "Add File(s)..." to choose the videos you want to convert


Step 2. Select your output device or output video format.

Choose any of the followings to select the output device where you want to play your video:

a. Select any specified device in the device list of BlazeVideo Video Converter for Mac and drop down to choose your proper device model:

select portable device as output

Note: BlazeVideo Video Converter for Mac supports all families of portable devices above. See details below:

iPhone: iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPhone4 HD

iPad & iPod: iPad, iPad HD, iPad2, iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch, iPod Touch4, iPod Touch4 HD

Android: Android, Android(320x240), Android(480x320),Android(8000x480),Android(854x480),HTC G2 Magic, HTC Hero, HTC Tatto, Motorola GLIQ, Motorola Droid, Nexus One, SamSung Galaxy S, SamSung i7500,

BlackBerry: video added box

Sony: sony psp device

Other Equipment: other equipment

b. Left click edit videoto turn to tab below to choose your output device:

select output device

Step 3. Set output path.

Click set output folder to set your output path where you want to save your converted video files.

Step 4. to convert video for your proper device.

Click video converting button to get started on video converting process.

After video conversion finished, clickquick spedify converted video file , you can quick specify your converted file in its saving folder.

Note: BlazeVideo Video Converter for Mac also offers an easy way to send your converted files for Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad onto iTunes directly.

After your successful video conversion for iPhone, iPad or iPod, uncheck active send to itunes feature to send your converted videos to itunes to active the "send to iTunes" feature and clickgo to itunes to launch your iTunes.


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