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In Output interface, you can burn your edited DVD file in Edit interface into DVD disc or output to hard disk for archive.

  • Save to Hard Disk:
    1. Drop-down click in "Output Type" option to select "DVD Folder".
    2. Click "Browse" button to specify a designated output directory, the default directory is set as "C:\Music DVD Creator\DVD".
    3. Click "Create" button, your DVD file will be saved to the designated folder on your hard disk.
  • Burn to DVD Disc:
    1. You can burn your DVD file to DVD disc if DVD burner installed in your computer.
    2. Drop-down click in "Output Type" option to select "DVD Burning".
    3. DVD burner's drive letter and model will display in "Device" option.
    4. Select burn engine and DVD burner in "DVD Burning" area.
    5. Click top "Edit" menu and select "Options", specify Working Directory to a directory with large enough space, click "Create" button, you will burn the edit DVD file into DVD disc. The default working directory is "C:\Music DVD Creator".
    6. Before burning, if your DVD disc is DVD-RW type and not a blank one, please click "Erase" to erase the disc first.
    7. You can click "Abort" to cancel burning in burning progress.


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