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In Edit interface, you can edit DVD chapters, select media file, CD and record. You also can select your favorite image as background and preview the image.

The detailed step is as below:

  1. Import
    • Import File: Import supported media file with audio from your local or network hard disk folder, it will be added as a chapter in the designated title. * For the supported file type, please view the "Supported Media File Types" file.
    • Import CD: Select tracks from CD and convert them into WAV file, each track will be added as a chapter in the selected title.
    • Record: Input voice from Microphone or other audio device, convert it into WAV file and add as chapter in the selected title.
  2. Edit
    • Add Title: Add a DVD title, the title will not be add into DVD if no chapter contained.
    • Delete Title: Delete a selected title, all of the chapters in the title will be deleted too.
    • Add Chapter: Add chapter into a selected title. Select the target media file, background image and lyrics, click "OK", you will add a chapter in the title.
    • Delete Chapter: Delete the selected chapter.
    • Edit Chapter: Edit the added chapter. You can change media file, background image and lyric file.
    • Delete All: Delete all titles and chapters.
    • Upward: Upward move the selected chapter.
    • Downward: Downward move the selected chapter.
  3. Preview
    • Play: Double click the desired title and chapter, or click "Play" button to sequentially play all titles and chapters.
    • Full: Screen Full screen play music with background image.
    • Pause: Pause playback. Click again or click Play button to resume playback.
    • Stop: Stop playback.
    • Pre: Skip to previous chapter to play.
    • Next: Skip to next chapter to play.
    • VOL +: Increase volume.
    • VOL-: Decrease volume.

You also can drag the selected chapter to a desired position.


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