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Welcome to use SmartShow!

BlazeVideo SmartShow is easy-to-use video creator which allows users to create movies, edit videos, and liven up movies with wonderful pictures, video clips, various fantastic effects, templates, stylish titles, transitions, music as well as editing tools, and export it to various portable devices or abundant video formats. 

BlazeVideo SmartShow supports almost all types of video formats like AVI, MP4, DAT, WEBM, RMVB, RM, MPG, MPEG, VOB, MOV, M4V, TOD, DV, WMV, ASF, 3GP, 3G2, DVR-MS, MPV, MUT, etc and audio in MP3.

BlazeVideo SmartShow provides awesome video editing features like rotate, horizontally flip, vertically flip, add effect, add subtitle and add watermark on videos. Users can edit image aspect, brightness, contrast and saturation to bring a more visually enhanced picture. Users could rotate and flip image to the preferred spot.

Users could add exquisite titles for different scenes, creative translations to polish the video. 
In addition, users can also export video into various video formats which are supported by portable devices such as iPhone/iPad/iPod/Nokia/BlackBerry/HTC and more.

The following step-by-step guide would instruct you the way to create, edit and convert videos with this video editor.

Step 1: Install and run BlazeVideo SmartShow:

After installation, run the software. You can see the main interface below.

1. Select and edit Title

  • (1) The software would load titles automatically once you run the software. Titles are classified into multiple categories. Select a fit title by simply clicking on it and then click “Next” button.
  • Tip: For senior user, if you cannot find a suitable title, you can also customize your own title by clicking the “Customize” button and select a picture from your file folder in hard drive as your personalized titles.
  • (2)After finishing selecting the right title, the software would automatically move to “Edit Title” window. Click on the Text in the picture and then add your own text, change your text style, text size, choose right text animation to show this title by clicking the drop-down list and put in the time when you want to show your text. Then click on “Save” button to save all the changes. If you want to cancel all the changes you made just now, just click on “Cancel” button.

Step 2: Import Media Files:

1. Click on “Import Media” button to add media files:

  • (1)Click on “Import Media” button on the Import Media Files window to upload songs, videos and pictures.
  • ((2) After finishing selecting media files, click “Next” button more to next step.

Tip: For senior user, if you do not want to add files with the software interface guide, you can check “Don’t show me this again” button. Next time when you run the software, this change would be activated.

Step 3: Choose output video format:

1.Export movie into portable device.

Step 1.Click on the “Device” tab on the left side when you want to make file in the right format for your portable device.

Step 2.Select the right device in the drop-down list of various portable devices.

2. Export movie into various video formats.

Step 1.Click on the “Format” tab on the left side to select the video format you need.

Step 2.Select the right video formats in the drop-down list of “Common Video” formats or “HD Video” formats.

Please have a look at the picture below.

3. Name the output video

1. Edit the name of the video and choose the right place to save it by clicking on the folder icon in the “Save to” box.

Tip: For senior user, you can choose the fit mode for video in the dropdown list and the default mode is “Quick Mode”. Users could also edit the settings of video by clicking on the button and then choose the right “Resolution”, “Bit Rate” and “Sample Rate” for the video.

4. Crate Video

Then click on “Create” button to make video.

Step 4: Upload your video to Facebook (0ptional)

Note: You need to visit your Facebook through your IE explorer for one time and then the cookie would be saved in your PC.

You could upload your newly-created video to Facebook, or upload your video save on the storage media to the Facebook.

  • (1) Upload your newly-created video to Facebook:
    1. Step 1.Select the right file format to create your video. Please have a look at the steps I displayed on the fifth part: Choose output video format.
    2. Step 2.Click on the Facebook on the left side.
    3. Step 3. “Upload your newly-created video to Facebook” item would be checked by default. You need to make sure that it is checked before start creating and uploading.
    4. Step 4.Add a title and description to the video.
    5. Step 5.Click on “Create” button and then the video would be created and uploaded immediately.
  • (2) Upload your video stored on the storage media to Facebook:
    1. Step 1.Click on the Facebook on the left side.
    2. Step 2.Please uncheck the “Upload your newly-created video to Facebook” item since it is checked by default.
    3. Step 3.Add a title and description to the video.
    4. Step 4.Click on “Upload” button and then the video would be uploaded immediately.


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