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SmartShow supports to edit your photo items with various effects. We will introduce how to edit photo items clearly.

Select and edit Image

Step 1. Click on “Media ”tab on the main interface, select a picture and then drag it into the box for image. You could select many pictures at one time and drag them into the storyboard.

Step 2. First check the image, click on “Edit” button, then you could adjust image aspect, style, brightness, contrast and saturation to the suitable status. You could also flip and rotate your picture to the preferred spot. Then click on “Save” button to save all the changes.


  • ●If you want to save all the changes you made on the picture, please click on “Save” button.
  • ●If you want to cancel the changes you made on the picture and return back to the original setting, please click on “Reset” button.
  • ●If you want to give up editing this picture the picture and close this window, please click on “Cancel” button.


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