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1. Any more extra fees for affiliate to join this program?
No, it is totally easy and completely free for you to register and sell products, there is no sales limitation, and can be canceling at anytime as you like.

2. How does the program work?
1. Participation
· Sign up to become a BlazeVideo affiliate;
· Browse and select BlazeVideo products to sell;
Log in Regnow, select Marketing > Product Finder, enter 10136 into Verdor ID or BlazeVideo into Vendor Name, click the Search button to display all products for your choice. · Build custom version.
Click the product you want to sell in the product list, you will get all information on this product including the Trial Link and Sales Link. 2. Advertise: Add content and links to your site.
3. Generate Sales
· Your customers make a valid purchase on your site or the visitors from your link ID come to our site make a valid purchase.
4. Get Paid
· Your every order is absolutely trackable and you can get your commission from every order you sold immediately.

3. Why should I provide a RegNow custom build for trial downloads?
It is reported by Digital River, Inc, that 75% users will prefer a direct trial download before purchase. They will download a trial version of the software first and if they are satisfied with the program, they will purchase it by clicking the Buy link in the software. Because the Buy link in our RegNow custom build file is embedded with your affiliate ID, RegNow tracks your sales giving you the opportunity to increase your sales by providing the direct download trial versions of our software.

4. Can I participate in the BlazeVideo affiliate program as a private individual?
Yes, if you have your own website, you can take part in the affiliate program.

5. Can I get a higher commission rate?
Yes, you can have a higher commission rate with further promotion of BlazeVideo products. Please contact us at with your plan, and we would increase the commission rate for you with mutual benefits on promotion with more sales.

6. How will I know what products BlazeVideo Software is selling?
There are 3 methods. First, you can get the product information on our Product page. Second, log in your affiliate control panel and search "blazevideo" via "product finder", you will find all our products. Third, we send out an email to all of our affiliates to announce the new products as well as their promotions.

7. How can I get the promotion information or resources?
You will find not only the promotion information and resources at present but also the preannounce next month or season on our website Promotion page or from the monthly e-mail we sent to our active affiliates via affiliate network. You can also get the resources by clicking the BlazeVideo product details in your affiliate control panel.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. Via e-mail: