BlazeVideo Video Magic Ultimate

Convert recorded TV programs to popular video and audio formats like WMV,MKV, MP4, AVI, MP3 etc., for portable devices including iOS/Android devices etc.
$49.95 $35.95

BlazeVideo HDTV Player

Upgrade to the latest version of BlazeVideo HDTV Player Pro to record live TV shows for playback at anytime, play DVD movies and videos of various formats.
$69.95 $39.95
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BlazeVideo HDTV Player Driver Download

Manufacture Driver Download
ATSC Winstars Technology Download Multi-Language Supported Patch
EmpiaATSC Download EmpiaATSC Driver
MT2063+AU8522 Download MT2063+AU8522 Driver
NXP+AU8522 Download NXP+AU8522 Driver
DVB-S PDS100 Download PDS100_Drv Driver
PDS200 Download PDS200-Setup_Drv Driver
MVB001F_20090409_x86_x64 Download MVB001F_20090409_x86_x64 Driver
Q-Boxsetup Download Q-Boxsetup Driver
ST4200 Download ST4200_SetUp Driver
TBS6920 Download TBS6920setup Driver
TBS8920 Download TBS8920setup Driver
CE6230(080818) Download CE6230_drv_pack(080818) Driver
DiBcom_mod7700_v31400_coinstall_JIESHIMEI_091102 Download Driver
EC168 Download EC168Drivers Driver
EM2874 Download Driver(EM2874) Driver
MAXAT_EM2870_DRV_1206 Download MAXAT_EM2870_DRV_1206 Driver
IT9135 Download IT9135 Driver
IT9135B Download IT9135B Driver
IT9175 Download IT9175 Driver
091208_RTL2832and36_Release_Setup Download Driver
Setup_DVBT_DEF_4_5_2_0_41_NonWHQL_x64 Download Driver
Telepath Download Telepath Setup Driver
LME_8GL5_BDA Download LME_8GL5_BDA Driver
Realtek DTV USB DEVICE Download Realtek DTV USB DEVICE Driver
ISDB DibcomISDB Download DibcomISDB Driver
EmpiaISDB Download EmpiaISDBDrivers Driver
Setup_ISDBT_DEF_6_5_2_0_41_NonWHQL_x32 Download Driver
Setup_ISDBT_DEF_6_5_2_0_41_NonWHQL_x64 Download Driver
EmpiaATSC Download EmpiaATSC Driver
CMMB Siano1184 Download Siano1184 CMMB Driver
Other EM2860 Download EM2860 Driver
SMI Grabber Device Download SMI Grabber Device Driver
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