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FAQ - BlazeVideo DVD Copy

General Issue:

Part A :

Q: What's BlazeVideo DVD Copy?

A: BlazeVideo DVD Copy is a DVD movie backup software to protect your DVD collections against damaged or lost. It allows you to burn to DVD±R/RW disc directly, copy to hard disk folder or create as ISO image file for future burning. The expanded DVD conversion feature also enables you to convert DVD as various popular movie files to fit for most popular DVD devices.

Q: What copy modes does BlazeVideo DVD Copy support?

A: BlazeVideo DVD Copy supports multiple copy modes: Entire Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Split Disc, please select your desired one according the source movie disc and output movie disc type.

Q: How long does it take to backup a DVD with BlazeVideo DVD Copy?

Generally, it only takes 40 minutes around, and your DVD movie size and your DVD burner speed dependent. If for movie file convertsion, it may take more time.

Q: Does BlazeVideo DVD Copy support DVD-5 and DVD-9 movie backup?

A: BlazeVideo DVD Copy supports both DVD-5(SS-SL or Single Side Single Layer, 4.7GB) and DVD-9(SS-DL or Single Side Double Layer,8.5GB).

Q: Can BlazeVideo DVD Copy compress copy a DVD-9 movie to a DVD-5 disc?

A: Yes, built-in transcode and compression engine, BlazeVideo DVD Copy can compress and copy a DVD-9 movie to a DVD-5 disc, with all contents reserved, without split it to two discs any more. You also can 1:1 copy the original to a DVD-9 disc.

Q: Does BlazeVideo DVD Copy support dual-layer burner?

A: Except the earlier v2.5, the latest version supports most popular dual-layer burner in the market.

Q: Do I have to own a DVD Burner?

A: If you want to backup your DVD to DVD discs, the answer is yes. If you just want to backup to your hard disk or make an ISO image file, it is not necessary.

Q: How does BlazeVideo DVD Copy work? Does it need temporary work space folder?

A: BlazeVideo DVD Copy will copy source movie to temporary work space folder first, then copy/burn to specified target. except when copy to DVD folder on hard disk.

Q: I have only one DVD burner, how to copy source movie to DVD disc?

A: Please see Burn to DVD Disc -> Only one DVD±RW drive on your PC, for detailed operation.

Q: How many burn engines built-in and which Burn Engine should I select?

A: Please go to Settings -> Select Burn Engine chapter for details.

Part B:

Q: Can I copy a PAL DVD and convert it as a NTSC DVD?

A: BlazeVideo DVD Copy only makes original copy of NTSC or PAL DVD movie, it doest not support converting between them.

Q: Can I copy a MPEG/AVI file or CD disc through BlazeVideo DVD Copy?

A: BlazeVideo DVD Copy is specialized in DVD movie backup, the current version does not support MPEG, AVI file and CD copy.

Q: Can BlazeVideo DVD Copy back up copies of PS2 games?

A: Currently, BlazeVideo DVD Copy is just a DVD movie copy software, it does not support PS2 games copy.

Q: I have some music video files, could I create a DVD using BlazeVideo DVD Copy?

A: BlazeVideo DVD Copy does not support music file burning, it is suggested you use our another product -- Audio DVD Maker to create your music DVD.

Q: Does BlazeVideo DVD Copy support DVD copy on a MAC OSX?

A: The current version only runs on Windows system.

Purchase & Register Issue:

Q: Can I evaluate BlazeVideo DVD Copy before purchasing it?

A: We offer a free trial version for the customer to experience. You may download it from f satisfied with it, then please go to buy the full version.

Q: What's the difference between the trial and full version?

A: The trial version is completely same with the full version in function, except the 14 days time limitation.

Q: How to purchase BlazeVideo DVD Copy?

A: We offer an online purchase link which is encrypted and secure. Just go to to access DVD X Studios purchase page, select BlazeVideo DVD Copy and click Buy Now, then fill in your payment information, immediate online delivery or CD-ROM (costs an additional fee US$9.95) will be available!
In addition the on line credit card order, the following orders are also available:

Credit Card Order by Fax: Click here go to the fax order form. Fill out the applicable information, and send the form to the fax number located at the top of the form.

Check / Money Order: Click here go to the check order form. Fill out the applicable information, and send the form with payment to the address located at the top of the form.

Credit Card Order by Phone: To place your order by phone call us with your credit card information ready at one of the numbers below:
Toll Free (US and Canada only): 888-447-1175
Standard (International): US 952-646-5558
Fax: US 801-497-9456

Q: Do I need to buy a CD-ROM version for backup?

A: It is not suggested you buy CD-ROM, as CD-ROM costs an additional fee $9.95, plus the several days delivery time and the software kept being updated.
We will offer you an immediate electronic delivery with detailed download guide. It is very easy and fast, just one click, you will own the full version same as CD.
And we have a free update and retrieve policy, if you lost the program or plan to update, just please send us your initial order info, we will send you a latest new version.

Q: I'd prefer to order a CD-ROM version, is it available?

A: Yes, CD-ROM is available but costs an additional fee $9.95. Just select the “Add a CD ROM” option in purchase page. Your CD will be produced and mailed within 24 hours after payment has been received. Shipment by mail can take 3 to 8 business days within the USA and the EU and 10 to 25 business days in other countries and regions.

Q: I have received an online delivery email with download URL, but have no idea how to download?

A: 1. Open Internet Explorer, paste the download link to your Internet Explorer address;
2. Press "Enter" and click "Save" in the pop up download box;
3. Specify a folder to save the software into your hard disk, you will begin to download the software;

Note: If you have ever installed the trial version of BlazeVideo DVD Copy on your computer, please uninstall it completely before you install the full version.

Q: What content should I contain in my mail to for update or refund request?

Your detailed order information should be contained, including order No./ID, product name and version, purchase date, your full name and email address for delivery, so that we will quickly locate your purchase record in our system to perform your request.

Trouble Shooting:

Please see Trouble Shooting to find the answer by yourself.


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