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Copy to Hard Disc - BlazeVideo DVD Copy

BlazeVideo DVD Copy features flexible copy source and destination. You can copy from original DVD movie disc to hard disk folder, thus even if you don't have a DVD burner installed on your PC, you still can copy the movie to your hard disk for storage or later access; and you can also copy from DVD folder to DVD folder for freely sharing with others.

This operation is very simple, just follow below steps.

    1. Select Source: Select source DVD, either from a DVD disc or from a DVD folder on hard disk.

    2. Specify Target. In Target area, click to browse and specify output path on your hard disk.

      Note: Please firstly check your disk space and then specify the destination with large enough space for DVD storage.

    3. Select Output Type. Select DVD as output format, and specify target DVD disc size.
      Three options available: 4.7GB (DVD-5), 3.95 GB (DVD-R v1.0), 8.5 GB (DVD-9).

    4. Select Copy Mode. Select your desired copy mode.

    5. Select DVD Content, Audio and Subtitle.

    6. Click to begin copy, the DVD movie will be copied to the destination folder directly.


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