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Comparing with BlazeDVD 6 Free version, BlazeDVD 6 Pro offers more useful functions. Follow steps below to upgrade to BLazeDVD 6 Pro:

Step 1

Go to to click "Buy Now" to purchase a serial number for BlazeDVD Pro.

Step 2

Go to to download BlazeDVD Pro and install it.

Step 3

After launching BlazeDVD Pro, right click the main scree, select "Purchase&Register". Below box will pop up:

blazedvd pro register

Step 4

Click "Register" button blazedvd pro register button, below box will pop up:

blazedvd pro register2

Here please copy and paste the seiral number (license code) you purchased and key in your email address you used to fulfill the Purchase Forum.

Step 5

Click "Register", below box will pop up:

blazedvd register 3

After checking the email address you use, click "Yes" to finish the registration.

Step 6

After enter the registration info correctly, below box will pop up to show you have registered successfully:

blazedvd pro register successfully

You will see the main screen of BlazeDVD 6 Pro at the same time:

blazedvd 6 pro

Now welcome to enjoy BlazeDVD 6 Pro freely!