How to Get Free Copy of the Software

For Website, Blog, and Forum Editors or Owners

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Review Any of Our Products
We'd love to get review on any of our products or any feature in the specified product from any one like editor, writer or even amateur. You can choose the software you may be interested in from the product list page and send us your review or post your review on our forum , and then you will get a free copy of the software. All of our paid software offer full-featured free trial versions for your test and review.
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Giveaway Campaign
Any website editor, blog or forum owner has the chance to get up to 50 copies for any software on the product show page. These copies may be given away on your site to win more readers or subscribers. Our best-sellers are recommended: Video Magic, BlazeVideo HDTV Player, BlazePhoto, BlazeDVD, etc. (change # to @)

Special offer for popular websites, blogs and forums
If your website/blog/forum has good Alexa rank (<30000) or a certain number of active users, we can create a special giveaway page and offer unlimited copies for you. On this page, a 1-3 day giveaway can be launched at your will.

For Facebook, Twitter or YouTube Users

We welcome any one with Facebook or Twitter or YouTube channel to give away our software. If they complete any of the following tasks, they can email us to request up to 10 free copies of any our software.

blazevideo giveaway for facebook
Hold a Promotion on Facebook
For Facebook users, if they create a giveaway about any of our products on their Facebook pages, they will get up to 10 copies of any software on the product list page as a gift.
How to steps:
1. Create a giveaway page about our software on Facebook
2. Send us with related proof or link and tell us which software you choose.
3. The license information will be sent to your email within 24 hours. The more fans you have, the more licenses you will get.
Make Related Review or Giveaway Videoabout Our Software on Youtube Channel

BlazeVideo Inc also offers an easy way for Youtube user to win a free copy of any of our software by posting a review video to Youtube.
How to Steps:
1. Create a review or how-to video on any of our products.
2. Email us your proof or link to the video and which software you want.
3. The license information will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Special Note: If you want to make a giveaway video, you can contact us for more software licenses.

blazevideo giveaway for youtube
blazevideo giveaway for twitter
Share us on Twitter
Tweet our giveaway to more than 3 followers on Twitter and gain more than 5 retweets. If you achieve this goal, then send us your user name and the software you choose.

Special offer for Popular Facebook, Twitter and Youtube Users
If you have big fans base (Facebook Fans>10000, Twitter Followers>50000, or Youtube Subscribers>2000) and a certain number of active users, we can provide you with unlimited copies of your selected software. A special giveaway page will be created for you. With this page, you can hold a 1-3 day giveaway. All your fans have the chance to get the freebies.

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