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Burn CD

VideoFlick supports to share your video and photo items in CD format with your friends and family.

Here take video items as an example , let's do it step by step:

    Step 1. Select your desired video or photo item you want to burn to CD format. You can select batch simultaneously. 

    Step 2. Click , below box will pop up: 


    Disc Lable: Name your disc lable here.

    Target Drive: Select your target drive here.

    Drive Speed : Set 7X as default.

    : Click to quick erase your target CD.

    : Click to full erase your target CD.

    : Click to eject your target CD from your PC.

    : Click to load your target CD to your PC.

    Burn Progress: Show your current burn progress here.

    Step 3. Click to burn the selected video or photo items to CD format. To give up, just click .


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