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BlazeVideo TV Recorder Help

BlazeVideo TV Recorder is a valuable bundle with 2 powerful applications: Video Magic Ultimate and BlazeVideo TV Recorder.

User Interface Overview:

main interface of blazevideo hdtv recorder

run video converter software: Click to launch the best video converter program Video Magic Ultimate to convert or edit all videos and DVDs for portable devices.

run hdtv player on computer: Click to launch BlazeVideo TV Recorder to watch digital TV or analog TV shows on your computer.

tv hardware: Display your USB device info connected on your computer for digital TV or analog TV programs.

tv record schedule task: List all your TV recording schedule tasks.

set output foder for converted videos or recorded TV shows: Click set button to set your output folder where you can save your converted video files or TV recording files.

We will introduce how to use the two included programs Video Magic Ultimate and BlazeVideo TV Recorder respectively:

Video Magic Ultimate

Video Magic Ultimate is the all-in-one media converting and editing program which enables you to rip DVDs (including those with copyright protection), convert video and audio files, edit video or DVDs, make free ringtones for iPhone, create personal and unique picture slideshows, and instantly download online video for popular video-sharing sites like YouTube or Yahoo Video. Do it all in one place and do it faster.

For more detailed instructions, welcome to how to use Video Magic Ultimate.

BlazeVideo TV Recorder

Step 1: Launch BlazeVideo TV Recorder

Click to run BlazeVideo TV Recorder main interface.

Step 2: Scan TV channels

a. After your successful installation the drivers of the related TV device and connect the device onto your computer properly, click the scan button , a scan box will pop up to let you scan channels:.

enter tv scan frequency

Country: drop down to select your country or area. If your country is not in the list, please select Universal.

Specific Bank(KHz): type in your local TV frequency.

b. Keep other settings in "Advanced" as default. Click ok to get started on TV channel scanning.

Step 3. Watch TV shows

EPG channel list: All your received TV channels and FM radio programs will be listed in EPG as below:

EPG: directly double click any TV show in the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) to watch the TV program.

Let's get a general idea on the useful button in EPG:

: click to fresh your received TV shows in the EPG list.

: click to add your selected TV channel into "My Favorite" list.

: click to get detailed info on the chosen TV channels, where you can also rename your TV show as below:

rename tv channel

: click to show all your received channels

: click to show all program info.

: click to show all TV channels in your "My Favorite" list.

Other useful buttons below can make the program easy to use for you:

or : press to play or stop your TV show.

or : press to switch to previous or next TV show.

: click to active the timeshift feature.

: drag the bar to adjust TV sound.

: click to choose the media type you want to open by select in the drop-down list:

: click to open scan box to scan channels by manual.

: click to watch the TV show in full screen mode.


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