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Clip: BlazeVideo PSP Video Converter works to clip any scene of a movie and convert them into MP4 for PSP.

Step 1. Add movie.

Click to add your desired movie and to open Clip box.

: Click to begin to clip.

: Click to stop clipping.

: Click to begin a new clip.

: Click to finish the clips and go back to the main interface, where the clips shown with the mark of .

Step 3. Convert clips into PSP.

Click to begin to convert clips to PSP.

Crop: BlazeVideo PSP Video Converter supports to crop your movie with your wanted video size and convert them for PSP.

Step 1. After adding video files, click to open Edit box.

Step 2. Begin to crop.

Drag the 8 red points to set your cropped video size. Then click , the cropped video file will be shown on the main interface of BlazeVideo PSP Video Converter.

Step 3. Click to convert the cropped files into MP4 for PSP.

Watermark: BlazeVideo PSP Video Converter can let you add watermark on any position of your movie and convert it for PSP with the watermark.

Step 1. After adding movie, click to get Edit box.

Step 2. Enter watermark.

Add watermark in the "Add watermark Text" box and drag the added watermark to choose its position on the movie.

Step 3. Convert video with watermark into PSP.

Click , the movie with watermark will be displayed on the main interface of BlazeVideo PSP Video Converter. Click to convert it into MP4 for PSP.



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