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BlazeVideo iTransfer User Guide

BlazeVideo iTransfer makes it easy to transfer all files or folders from or to iPad, iPhone, iPod or PC.

BlazeVideo iTransfer has 6 parts: Copy to PC, Copy File to Device, Copy Folder to Device, Create Folder, Delete from Device.

Here we take iPhone 5 as an example.

Open BlazeVideo iTransfer on your computer, connect your iPhone 5 with PC via USB. BlazeVideo iTransfer will recognize your iPhone 5 automatically and display its library:

connect iPhone to BlazeVideo iTransfer

Copy iPhone Files to PC

Step 1. Select the folder or file in your iPhone that you want to backup on PC, and click transfer iphone data to pc

copy files or folders to pc

Step 2. Choose your destination folder where you want to save your iPhone files or folders, and then click on the "OK" button. Your data will be copied to computer immediately.

Copy File to Device

Step 1.If you want to move your video, music, or picture to iPhone, it's also as easy as ABC:

move file to iphone

Step 2. Click on the "Open" button, your file will be copied to iPhone instantly.

copy file to iphone

Copy Folder to Device

Click on the "Setting" tab, you can go to Setting window:

copy folder to iphone

Step 2. Click on the "OK" button, the selected folder will be copied to iPhone in seconds!

copy folder from PC to iPhone

Create Folder

The easiest way to create new folder on your iPhone:

create new folder on iphone

Step 2. Click the "OK" button, you will see your new folder has been created:

new folder created in iphone

Delete From Device

Delete any item from your iPhone 3 simple steps:

delete from iphone


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