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Split Disc

Split Disc -- Split DVD-9 movie into two DVD-5 discs automatically, recommended for below instances:

A. Intend to make a perfect and complete copy from DVD-9 movie to DVD-5 disc, nothing to lose and keep the original video quality.

B. Video quality less than 50% in other copy modes Entire disc, Main movie and Customize, refuse to compress to avoid bad video quality.

In this copy mode, you will not be allowed to remove any title or chapter, except the audio or subtitle, please refer to Select DVD Content, Audio and Subtitle.

Please see below for detailed split copy operation:

  • Select Source, Target and "Split disc" copy mode, drag the slide bar you will see Disc #1 and Disc #2 shown in "DVD Content";
  • Click "Start" to begin burning Disc #1;
  • After Disc #1 burning finishes, follow the prompt to sequentially insert another disc to burn Disc #2.

Note: As the two discs use same playback directions and same menu, the features and menu selection will be copied to Disc #1 only, the whole main movie title will be split and separately copied to Disc #1 and Disc #2.

Thus the features and menu selection just appear on Disc #1, when you playback Disc #2 on standalone DVD player, please fast forward through several chapters first, then continually playback the rest movie from the splitted chapter.

• How does Split Disc Copy work?
As you know, most of DVD movies on the market are either single-layered DVD-5 (4.7GB, approximately) or dual-layered DVD-9 (8.5GB, approximately) format.
As a DVD-9 disc possesses nearly double capacity of a DVD-5 disc, when you select "Split disc" copy mode, Blaze DVD Copy will split the movie to two discs automatically. It will intelligently split at a specific border between two chapters in the movie (Note that a chapter is not divisible). For example, if your DVD movie has 25 chapters, depending on the structure of the DVD and the size of the movie, Blaze DVD Copy might split the movie at chapter 14: Disc #1 holds chapter 1 to 14, and Disc #1 holds chapter 15 to 25.


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