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BlazeVideo DVD Region Free Overview

BlazeVideo DVD Region Free provides you an easy way to watch or copy any region-coded or copyright protected DVD movie by just automatically removing the region code restrictions and protections from DVDs once they are inserted into the DVD drive.

BlazeVideo DVD Region Free has 6 parts: Main, Region, Settings, Applications, Copy DVD, About. Let's see details one by one.


Once open BlazeVideo DVD Region Free by double clicking on its icon on your desktop, you will open the Main window directly:

main window in blazevideo dvd region free

You can get detailed information on: Current DVD Software, Current DVD Drive, Read Speed, and Total Read Blocks.


Move your mouse to "Region" and click, you will switch to the Region window:

region window

You can set your region free and restriction free options by manual here.


Click on the "Setting" tab, you can go to Setting window:

advanced settings in dvd region free

You can personalize your BlazeVideo DVD Region Free software on: DVD Drive, Startup, Languages.


Click on the "Applications" tab, you can go to the Applications window:

application options

Here you can add or remove your DVD related software to work with BlazeVideo DVD Region Free. These DVD software programs can be DVD copier, DVD editor, DVD player and so on. BlazeVideo DVD Region Free has already had most famous DVD software as default.

Copy DVD

When clicking on the "Copy DVD" tab, you will enter the Copy DVD window:

copy dvd

You can copy your DVD to hard drive. Read how to copy DVD to Hard Drive for more information.


Click on the "About" tab, you can open our About window:

about blazevideo dvd region free


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