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Create your unique photo slideshow for playback on iPhone/iPod

Step 1: Click to come to Slideshow box:

Step 2: Add your photos, title, credits, background music on your video. Many proposed show effects for you to choose.
Step 3: Click to make photo slideshow.
Step 4: Easily convert your photo slideshow to MP4 for iPhone and iPod.

Download YouTube videos and transfer onto iPhone/iPod (Available in Platinum version only)

Step 1: Click to open Video Download box:

Step 2: Paste your FLV video URL from YouTube or Yahoo video to download FLV to your PC quickly.
Step 3: Convert the FLV to MP4 for iPhone/iPod easily.

Make your own ringtones for iPhone (Available in Platinum version only)

Step 1: Click to go to Make Ringtone box:

Step 2: Right click the blank area to add original video or song.
Step 3: Make your personal ringtones for your portable devices.

: drag to any position to extract audio as your ringtone.

or to set the start time and end time.

: Active to add special fade in or fade-out effects to the beginning and end of your custom ringtones for iPhone

Step 4: Click to transfer your ringtone to iPhone..



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