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BlazeVideo 3GP Video Converter offers you a user-friendly and easiest-to-use interface. Let's know more about it!

: Click to open Option box. Here you can do further settings of BlazeVideo 3GP Video Converter.

: Click to check online upgrade.

: Click to open our Online Help documents.

: Click to minimum the software.

: Click to exit the software.

Source File Area:

Click Video, Music or Photo to freely switch convert file type.

Display the source file name, media time and convert status, you can also playback the added video/music file, and preview the added picture.

Output File Area:

Besides the default output path, also support to set the output path as you like.

Work Area:

Real-timely display the converting progress, converting information, estimated time and elapsed time while converting.

Come on to experience the surprise and wondering that BlazeVideo 3GP Video Converter brings for you!


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