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Create TV Recording Schedule, Record TV, Convert Recording TV File

BlazeVideo TV Recorder enables you to real-time record your loved TV shows by a press on Record button. You can also create the TV recording schedule tasks if you are away from computer, or you can choose to convert the recording TV files into various for enjoyment by portable devices. Do all in one place and fast!

How to Create TV Recording Schedule Task?

Step 1: Click to turn to dialog below:

Step 2: Create TV recording schedule task.

Fill in items one by one: task name and channel, select task type, set task time. You can also to choose to convert the TV recording files into other formats after TV recording task finishes.

Step 3: Click OK to complete the TV recording task schedule:

: select a TV recording scheduled task and click this "Task Modify" button, you can open task dialog as below to edit the task info:

: select the unwanted TV recording scheduled task and click this "Task Delete" button to delete the TV recording task from your list.

How to Record TV Show?

Step 1. During TV playback, click to get started on live recording TV show into mpg video file.

Step 2. If you want to stop the TV recording, just click .

All your recording TV files will be listed in the Recording List area:

: click to launch the built in video converting tool Video Magic Ultimate to rip the chosen recording TV files into various formats for playback on more popular portable devices.

: click to delete unwanted TV recording file.

: click to clear the Record List by deleting all TV recording files.

How to Convert TV Recording Files ?

Step 1. In the main screen of BlazeVideo TV Recorder, click to open Video Magic Ultimate :

video converter

Step 2. Load the TV recording video file(s).

Click video add button to add your TV recording file you want to convert by this built-in video converter tool.

add video you want to convert by video converter

Step 3. Choose the output video format or output device.

In "Profile" tab, drop down to select your output format or device:

Step 4. Set video output format.

Click "Setting" button to pop up Setting box below, where you can set parameter for output video format:

Step 5. Click to begin to convert your TV recording file into various video formats.



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