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This guide will show how to use DVD Rip and Option settings on BlazeVideo DVD to PSP Converter.

DVD Rip: Edit the video in your desire: clip, effects and merge.

Clip: Easily clip any favorite scene.


  • Step 1 :

  • Click to show the clip box.

  • Step 2.

  • Click to start to clip, to finish the clip. The clip info will be shown as . To start a new clip, click .

  • Step 3.

  • Click , the clip will be displayed on the main interface of BlazeVideo DVD to PSP Converter. To give up, click .

Effects: Crop vide size and add watermark for your video.

  • Step 1.

  • Click to show Effects box:

  • Step 2.

  • Crop vide size: Drag the 8 red points on the video screen to crop video size freely.

  • Step 3.

  • Add watermark: Click to switch to Watermark and enter your watermark in "Add watermark text" box. Drag your added watermark on the screen freely to change its position.

  • Step 4.

  • Click to finish the edition. The Effects will be shown on the main interface of BlazeVideo DVD to PSP Converter.

Merge: Freely merge several chapters into one.

  • Step 1.

  • Press Ctrl to select chapters you want to merge in DVD Content, the will be active.

  • Step 2.

  • Click to merge the chapters into one.

Option settings: Select your desired language and Work Space folder for temp files.

  • Step 1.

  • Click to show Option box.

  • Step 2.

  • After selecting items shown in Option box, click OK to auto save your settings and turn back to main interface of BlazeVideo DVD to PSP Converter.



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